ASR Movie Premieres: I Missed them All

Movie premiers at ASR are a tricky event that are often calculated by a series of moving variables. Is the movie supposed to be good? Will there say be a … free bar? Most importantly can I even get in? You can be on a VIP and media list for days but show up 30 minutes late and forget it! Locked out. so due to all things being what they are I opted to avoid the premier scene and instead spend my time either skating or catching up with long lost pals.

Things being what they are a premiere is more party than showing. It’s inevitable that i am going to be rained out of skating in a few weeks so I’m saving my movie watching for those lean and mean months of mini ramp champin it inside. However, there were a few I’m sorry to have missed. But, we can pretty much sum them up right here, right now.

DC Shoe’s Dude Cruise

Yeah, I know I never cover surfing and to be honest I’m a shitty surfer. But, I will talk about a movie that looks like more fun than a package a fire crackers and a tin can on a sleepy sunday afternoon. Factor in Dayne Reynolds, Ry Craike, Bruce Irons and a few others … You got a nice way to spend the afternoon come September 12 when the movie drops.

Plus, what might be the best or worst coverage of the Dude Cruise Premiere event can only be provided by Miss Transworld surf. Hell … I laughed.

That’s It That’s All

Now if you snowboard and I mean …really snowboard vs. buying a full Burton kit and cruising around during apres hour I don’t have to say too much about this flick. Many many months in production, hi-def wackyness that captures the mind and ability of Travis Rice applied in a new way. I should have just made my way down there but something tells me I’ll be hitting the stop and lay button more than i did with ‘Lame’ a few years back.

Rome ‘No Correct Way’
& The BlueBird Movie

These two dropped on the night I flew in and certainly I was a wee bit bummed. Rome because for the sheer fact that they simply represent a good chunk of fun and lets not kid ourselves…their boards are amazing.

Bluebird, well why Bluebird? it looks like it was grainy and shot on a sketchy camera. Pretty much the antithesis of every movie as of late. Well, if your friends were some of the best riders in the world and you wanted to have fun…why not share all of that.

The Boned Age – Grenade

OK, let me sum up how the Grenade premiere more than likely went down. Imagine this being said with a Russian accent. it’ll go down much smoother:

Grenade team shows up, makes fabulous party with Dingo making the hello love you faces at women’s all over the discotheque and The Dannyest of Kass’es leading his Grenade army to jubilant victory on screen while double fisting bread sodas.

Sounds about right to me….

‘Clay Marzo: Just Add water’

Now, finally one I really regret and have a bit of excitement behind. The Clay Marzo movie was showing on the night I left San Diego and Quiksilver really has something unique on their hands. Clay was diagnosed not to long ago with Asperger’s which is a form of high functioning autism. Now, this essentially means crowds and large social settings cause a “shut down” scenario. The telling of his story isn’t so we can watch and scrutinize Clay but so we can see how he moves beyond this and drives the point home with his board on a wave. really looking forward to it.

OK, so i spend most of my time skating but all of this is interesting to me. The same way snowboard movies have ripped ideas from Skate movies it’s interesting to see if there’s any visual cross pollination moving forward…bring on the flicks!

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