Deathbowl to Downtown to Your Town

Raise your hand if the minute you watched the now classic skate flick ‘Fruit of the Vine’ if you had to go skate the minute it ended. OK, I watched the video at least two more times before scooping my jaw up off the ground and driving to the now defunct Ivy Bowl (or 123 bowl pending who you asked) and kept pushing it trying to get over the light. Classic movie, pool to skate and only a few years back. like maybe five or six. We aren’t talking the 70’s here. But, it does make you wonder how many backyard sessions that first movie inspired.

Now, after showing itself on two separate coasts not so long back the latest flick from the team of Charnoski and Nichols is hitting the road for a mini-tour. Deathbowl to Downtown chronicles the history of skating in (my 110% biased opinion) one of the greatest cities in the world: New York City. New York is a living breathing organism unto itself … skaters have long embraced the ever changing face of the Big Apple. Whether it be concrete, marble, steel, brick, glass or asphalt the playground of the 5 Boro’s is a skateboard heaven. Rick and Coan capture that in this movie. So if you see one skate vid check this one out. Ride the Sky is amazing faux sure but get yourself some history and watch the evolution of skating in New York City.

One thing though…no Washington D.C. or Philly date? Come on. Hell, I’ll host it in my yard!

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