Skate Paparazzi

For some Non Dew Tour lets go behind the lines and into the hidden lives of today’s skaters. Yep, pretty much looks like a weekend with some friends. Once again proving skating is more about fun than anything else. Jockin’ out on the dew tour may get you big bucks but it won’t get you the high life. Mmmm high life.

Don’t act like you wouldn’t crusha root beer flaot right now. You know this.
Jason Adams enjoys the high life.

See, Braydon enjoy Playboy and fine American Beverages just like you.Maybe I shouldn’t have given Bobby that silver bullet outside of Florida liquors.
Adelmo and Zach, high on life at Woodward.

Danke O’Dell, Rodent, Gareth, Tappers & Lambert

Greco moment brought to you by Skate Book

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