Where Did the Weekend Go?

Sooooooooo … what the hell happened this weekend? For starters we had Banks Jam and Manny Mania. Unfortunately all my plans to travel fell through at the final moments, only to be revitalized and then…well fall through all over again. It was a roller coaster of emotions with highs and lows of epic proportions. Not really, to be honest being on the road for a month can drain you.

Enough of that crap though I’ll stick to my original story. Blarghin’ ain’t paying the big bucks so we’ll call this a choice of financial serenity. While I might not have got to the places I need to get to I assure you the information is coming. In the meantime you’ll have to settle for Napoleon Bonaparte who was sent by Plan B to attend all these f*ckin’ awesome events I did not get to attend. yes, that is somebody dressed up as Napoleon.

The record breaking clip posting goes to the iPhone wielding heads over at the Know Skateboarding Project. These guys managed to sneak out three Banks Jam clips and as always it looks amazing. Aside from watching these guys skate you can see just about every other person has an amazing video camera so I’m sure more footage will surface in the coming hours.

On the other hand I did manage to roll out west ward here in the Old Dominion for one of those fancy Krux kickflip challenges. the highlight? Stephen Jefferson dropping 107 kickflips in about the same time it takes me to land 10. This is where the satisfaction of tracking the locally grown skating comes in. Stephen was effortless and had miles of style to boot. All the other contestants: Dylan Anderson, Austin Stephens, and the kid skating for convoy who I am blanking on … they are all on the come up. Solid all the way around and all your industry heads out there should keep your eyes open.

So New York City I’ll see you in September. More to come …

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