Ubiq’s ?uestlove AF1 Release

I typically don’t stray to far into the sneaker world outside of skate stuff. Also, considering most of my sneakers are either blue or black … I can’t really call myself a sneaker head. Pending your point of view that may be a good or bad thing. Recently, the guys at Ubiq Life up in Philly hosted a the release of ?uestlove (of Roots fame natch) Air Force 1 drop. The man behind the kit, the tables and who’s been in the studio with the almighty Al Green showed up to make an appearance. He even showed up at 3 am to bring those guys in line donuts and milk.

This release was pretty interesting a massive chunk of the production run went straight to Ubiq and of course they sold out. The best part of it all? ?uestlove picked up the tab on the last five pairs of shoes. Admit it. Who cares about the shoes. The guy does a collab. He attaches his name to a product. Shows up to promote it and make it a memorable event for everybody willing to put their hard earned dollars into it. then throws down his own money for the last five people in line. yeah, bad ass. Read all about it over here on the Ubiq site.

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