ESPN Action Sports Network Announced

This gos to show how busy life is these days. Rather than following the news I have to let my buddy “The Beav” shoot me an update. let me tell you something this guy doesn’t skateboard. He looks at skateboard and starts talking about golf. Don’t get me wrong. Nice guy and a rip shit good time to hang out with but in no way is he dialed in.

I guess I’m not either.

So this morning the Beav shoots me a not saying ESPN is starting their own online action sports network. I say: right on. keep growing the space and we all benefit. the more skating, surfing, snowboarding, BMX …whatever remains in the public eye the more participants we have. The more people that participate the better for the industry. If you think some kid in Nebraska or Kansas skateboarding is a bad idea then simply put: you should start your own company and see how far you get with that mantra. Action sports can be for everybody. We don’t have to water it down. We don’t have to simplify it. We just have to do a better job of presenting the content and all that it is. Fuel.TV does a good job (Bias here I blog for them) does a good job. does a good job. All these sites do well but it will be interesting to see what resources the World Wide Leader throws into the mix.

ESPN impressed me with their relaunch and updating of they’ve got no shortage of content and hold the keys to the premiere industry event. Post MTV-AST-Dew combine it appears they are serious even more so about retaining that number one slot. Can they make a run at capturing traffic from the Transworld’s? Anything is possible in this day and age. Again, it comes down to presentation and what you are giving the audience. having content deals with Vans, Surfline and Active Ride Shop already places them in bed with a core brand, a strong media partner and a well respected retail outlet. By the way have you checked out Active’s redesigned pages? All retailers should be putting that investment into digital if they can…

So that being said welcome to the very crowded space ESPN Action Sports Network. Now lets see what you can do.

Read the story on LA Times
Read the Story on paid

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