Look at All the Skateboarding We Found

Holy Crap, so much going on and so little time. The next few weeks are going to be jam packed with enough skating that your mind may officially start asking for some time off. My legs just hurt looking at the line up of events. Lets jump into the forth coming calendar shall we? First up…Robstock.

Yes, the Low card blow out at Robstock is on again. As they say leave your man purse at home. This party is like a mini Skatopia and if Epicly Later’d showed us anything last year it was how much fun Robstock could actually be. So August second get your ass to Whitneyville, Maine for the best skate party to ever hit … Whitneyville, Maine?

Next up: New York City. That’s damn right. Best city on the entire earth will be the focus of all things skating August 16th and 17th. First up: Banks Jam. As we all know Steve Rodriguez from 5Boro. Has managed to work with the New York City parks and Recreation department to not only save the Brooklyn Banks from being demolished but have it converted to a skate park. A little slice of awesome if you ask me.

Evens like this just show how dedicated people can be to this thing of skating. Last year Jake Duncombe, Zered Basset and a ton of other pros were on hand to kill it and that was in no small part to the weekend being double stacked with events. While the Banks Jam, in my eyes is skating at it’s finest: fast, street, gnar, raw and unfiltered the other contest of the weekend take s slightly different approach.

Redbull rolls into NYC the day after the Banks Jam for Manny Mania. If you’re looking for all things on two wheels this is it. The idea came from Red Bull skater Joey Brezinski and change up the regular contest format. Not an event for everybody but tech guys and those who have the manny wired like taking a Sunday stroll should be good to go. The list of skaters competing is invite only so for suckers like me … we’ll be chilling with an adult pepsi enjoying the skating from the spectator side. As Mike Crum likes to say: Blog it!

OK, random break here to round up a few thoughts. First up: lets talk about Deluxe. as in DLXSF.com. So they’ve thrown support behind Johnny Romano for years (btw, Get well soon Johnny!) and recently had an autism fundraiser deck and t-shirt. Now they are also throwing their power behind the Banks Jam through Spitfire. That’s right…wheel and shirt. I rarely do this but we really need to support companies that not just support skating but make larger inroads to all things. Seeing how Deluxe does this through Real, Spitfire and a few other companies is really solid. Not only are they down for skating but all of those who are involved with skating. Sorry, to get all “i’m ona soap box and you can’t stop me” but it was worth it.

OK, random number two. Let’s talk about the guy I envy the most right now. Mostly because I’m trapped behind a computer all day but go damn. It must be fun to be Rob Meronek. For the last month if you’ve been reading his SPoT updates you’ll know he’s been on the road for weeks. While Rob, Ryan and a few others in Tampa’s finest party crew rack up frequent flyer miles we get to sit and watch them smapel some of th finest spots in all the lands! Ok, a bit dramatic but overall they do a good job of showing off stuff you don’t ordinarily get to see.

Ok, som rally quick stuff. Over on BNQT.com there’s a whole mess of new Danzed in DC episodes. Click over to the Berrics and you’ll find soem Sean Malto footage. Inventor spot came up with the 10 best skate graphic companies of all time. Pretty random but then again it did come from Boardistan so you make the call.

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