Dropping Next: Nike SB August 2008 the P Rod 2

A big year for Paul Rodriguez Junior so far. He’s got some kind of movie coming out. He snagged second at the dew Tour in Baltimore and won (albeit controversial) a hundred large at the Maloof skateboard Circus (we set up shop and leave town!) Now word filtered back that Mr. Rodriguez junior just won the Dew Cup in Cleavageland (thanks Boardistan best nickname…ever) which is very nice for him.

Now Nike SB is getting ready for August to be a big month for P-Rod. No official street date has been announced yet for the high but it appears a new black and tan is on it’s way. Delicious beers aside I know more than one person who may or may not be a rep for a competing skate shoe brand who’s sweating the forth coming high. Here’s to August looking like a nice big month. You can find more verified Nike SB August drops over here.

Also on the horizon is Paul and Clark. Like I said big things are taking shape for Mr. Paul. After watching him skate in Baltimore and Maloof I can see the reason for the big push. Hands down he made it easy, fun and packed more style than you can dream of into his quick lines. Yes, Chris Cole and Nyjah had the effortless flow. The complaints about Paul’s skating being robotic may surface but when he’s on…he’s on and it’s a amazing thing to watch. I do like to think his overall sense of skating and style is still developing the same way he is still learning tricks. It’s the natural progression. He has yet to fully define himself on and off a skateboard. That’s exciting.

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