Win Some Stuff or Things You Can’t Unsee

I would say nine times out of ten Rob Brink makes me laugh/think/ponder with his quick posts. He’s a smart guy. Then I click over to his site and I see this:

Wow. Maybe this is a new CCS publicity still.

OK, I am going to do something I never do. I want to see who is going to comp up to the best caption for Jerry’s pic here. I have some extra crap laying around. I’ll ship it anywhere in the lower 48 & Canada (I expect good things from you Dan Watson). There might be a Nike SB shirt or a pair of size 10.5 vans. maybe some slightly used Globe shoes or Supreme stickers. Whatever has landed on my doorstep that I am cleaning out is now coming your way. Leave all captions in the comments of this blog post.

Here are the Rules:
Don’t be a douchebag. Jerry seems like a nice guy.
If you make me laugh so hard that beer comes out my nose you win.
There is no guarantee you’ll get anything you like or that’s in your size.

2 thoughts on “Win Some Stuff or Things You Can’t Unsee

  1. Oh man, the pressure is too great! Why do you have to put me on the spot like that?Okay the first thing that came to mind was “I’m tellin you baby, we Asians make up for our small penis sizes with BIG romance!”Fuck it dude, that’s all I got. So far I win by default.

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