A little Bit of This and That

That time of the week has arrived again. No, it’s not Free taco night. Although delicious tacos right now would be a little slice of awesome. Instead of tasty treats from South of the Border we’re going to do a little skate wrap. Yeah, I need to get back in the swing of this leading up to X Games. So lets get into it.

Cover Boy

First up. Guess who got the money shot this month? Beyond the world of Skatebord, SBC, Skateboarder, Thrasher, Transworld and Concrete Wave it appears ESPN the magazine is helping Sheckler continues his march as the new face of mainstream skateboarding. The article is a little weird and I’m not sure if the writer Allison Glock does a good job of painting the broader picture. Having quotes from Andy Mac and Jereme Rogers (two guys who get equally kooked on … just sayin’) doesn’t really paint a good picture.

The thing that really stuck once you get past the family, add, and tv show stuff is how Sheckler is really at peace with where he is. At least that’s what he says. He doesn’t complain or draw a virtual line like he’s done in the past. Instead you get the sense that all the negativity is just another part of his skateboarding job. Doesn’t make skating sound fun to me.

The weirdest part of this whole article is that Sheckler’s now disputing what he said.

“They said something in the ESPN interview that I was comfortable with selling out which is completely not what I said. It is not selling out. I haven’t sold out. People say what they want to say, but in my eyes I have taken my skateboard career and gone on a different path. It might not be the same path as some of these core skateboarders that think that their path is the right way. There is no right path in skateboarding. I want to do something different. I love this. I love the fans. My life is crazy as it is and this fits right in the puzzle piece.”

He’s right you know, it’s not selling out. It’s called buying in.

Looking Gooood

Over in less mainstream news but certainly with way more having to do with skating Skateboarder mag redesigned it’s website. There’s enough Maloof Cup coverage on there to make me a little queasy. I’m being a hypocrite right now and you’ll understand why in a few minutes. Anyway, so much Maloof in one place reminds me of my time at Lat34.

I’m all for supplying coverage to big events but this was a bit overkill. Events, while big, are only a piece of the skating puzzle. Same with sneakers, gossip, photos. Actually, that shit has nothing to do with skating. Really it’s about getting out there and skating. Hopefully Skateboarder Mag blows it up a bit more.

Best Part of the Update: The Return of Later’d
Epicly Latr’d Season 2 is on the way. Yes, hands down some of the best videos around last year and with the season ender of Cardiel. Can not way for the good stuff from Mr O’Dell to roll out. Check out his words below from VBS..

“Yes, there will be Gino Ianucci and Ethan Fowler, but we will also have Lance Mountain, James Kelch, Brian Anderson, Beauty and the Beast Tour, and more shit with Lakai team than you could possibly ever want. So everyone who ever doubted that there would be Life after Cardiel can now log back onto the Slap Message Board and post that they were sorry they ever doubted Epicly Later’d. And for those of you who believed, thank you.”

Roger, Roger

Roger skateboards
Bueno was good. I liked Bueno skateboards. Then again, I like Michael Siebens art. Now the Bueno guys are going the Roger route. Split apart from Giant Lowery and Siebens are starting up the wood making process again. Kicking off the whole thing they’ve sent out the world’s most self depricating press release. That’s perfect.

Footage You Won’t See on CBS

OK, hypocrite Jon in effect. I know I just said too much Maloof and here we have footge from the Maloof Cup. Courtesy of Sole Tech’s all-star team, manager photographer, writer and web guy Rob Brink. honestly I don’t know if Brink fills all those roles but he could. He’s a talented guy.

Leo Romero…


Burnett’s Burnout Blog is backing the Baker Deathwish Tour ….niiiiiice

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