We Now Break from Skating …

We interrupt this blog to bring you some old news that’s new to me. In the wintertime I have been known to partake in the snowbroing. I was even recently interviewed about it to a certain extent over here. The origin probably lays with being raised in the snowbelt of Upstate New York. Snowboarding has always been fun for me. While with skating I can retreat to the inner depths of a city or find a moment of solitude in an otherwise busy environment, snowboarding allows me to escape briefly away from all the noise. Where it intersects with skating goes beyond having a board under your feet. The true commonality is using that board to work with the environment at hand whether it’s a ledge, launch ramp, kicker or downed tree.

Burton has been doing one off boards as mid season releases for awhile but this one caught my eye. The “Southern Hemisphere” edition being sold in New Zealand and elsewhere. The board is a 2009 Custom and come only in a 158 CM. Check it

We now return you to the blog already in progress…

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