Skatebook Update: Capturing Stevie Williams on Camera

Take a real good look at these two photos of Stevie Williams from the Paul Sharpe edition of Skatebook. I’ve sat on this since getting my copy in the mail from Ballard and Salman and have a hard time figuring out if there’s something that defines the hustle and style of street skating better than these two images. The interesting thing is how these photos draw a line in the sand. The pics on the right is a switch front noseslide. The untrained eye might think “it’s a cool picture” or “wow that looks hard”. But, they’ll never comprehend the hours that go into making a trick like that like effortless and capturing so much style. That shot was taken in 2000 when skating was screaming back into the mainstream. Since then Stevie has been on the come up and changed the game to a certain degree so it suits his own needs.

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