Dew(d) Tour Round 1: Allright, Allright, Allright!

That’s what I love about the Dew Action Sports Tour. I get older and it stays the same. Year in and year out you can rely on the familiar faces to make themselves appear every time somebody rings the bell of an open bar. This time the role of Dr. Pavlov was played by Mountain Dew and the homeys at Fuel TV. I figured why not drive to Baltimore twice in 24 hours and prepared for the mini road trip. Since I have to be up in three hours for Go Skate Day documentation…why not just pull out all the stops. The photos you are about to witness represent a small slice of the Dew(d) Tour. This is what party night looks like. here we go.

“F you gas Prices”
Seriously, I hadn’t filled up my gas tank for one month. I don’t give crap if people clown me for riding the orange whip bicycle to work. That shits rad as hell and cheaper than gas. These prices and our dependency on foreign oil equally blow.“This is It?”
So I rolled up to Baltimore at 10:30 PM on a Friday for an open bar and really bad techno. I’m not talking trash but lets be honest here. This was the scene and boy …did it make me leave by 12:30 AM
“Ladies and gents, Chris Pastras”
So Chris rolled in a little after us and joined in our mini photo session. Always a mellow guy to be around and pretty funny. Colin bane snagged an interview with him earlier so be on the lookout for that.
“Deer in headlights”
The two unwitting suspects were ready for a photo when somebody spilled copious amounts of booze all over the joint. Their look of shock spark the soon to be famous South of the North saying “No so pro party guy”. Yeah, that’s a trademarlked saying.
“Kung Fuel TV Blogger”
One day grasshopper provided much bloggage to Fuel TV and soon the student became the slacker. In other words, backdrops are tremendous for photo ops and funny pictures. hence, why fame will never find a home in my life. if I had to walk a red carpet I’d be doing this non-stop.

“Bane & Burns”
Colin bane and I have been skating and collaborating on projects for so many years I’ve lost count. In this photo the shooter said think of the meanest thing you can tell somebody after you’ve intentionally done something bad to them. I believe Colin’s was “Shocker!” and mine was “that’s not where you put a rake.”
“Chris Gentry’
Yup, Chris gentry. He still lives on. I really wanted to ask him what he thought of the hole vert is dead thing but seriously. I had to leave the club. Does anybody still care about that vert controversy besides vert skaters?
“That Guy”
I sear it wasn’t even 10 minutes into being at the bar when we found “that guy”. This is good of course because that guy will live on forever in this photos as “that guy”
Nothing but miles of smiles from Fabriszio Santos
“A Happy Man?”
Jamie Bestwick rolled in as I was heading out. Jamie is smart guy and is pretty nice to boot. Check out his blog. Gotta admire his style. I know this isn’t about BMX but you know what… piss off it’s my blog.
Brazillians + Dave Duncan =’s Trouble
This was going down…I split.

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