The 500 Inch Bar Toss, Banned at TWS and other Stuff

The Skate Park of Tampa guys continue to crack me up. Rob posted up this video from Damn Am. We’ve all run into this guy/girl in the bar who is just loud and won’t shut their yapper. Well, not for Rob from SPoT he hulked out on this one… actually a classic You Tube Moment…

That’s great. The brief moment where she sees the bar falling on her head and you can almost hear the mental thought: “oh wait, that’s about to hit me.” I don’t promote violence but karma is kind of a mother fucker. Rob’s response is equally classic: “Put it on the check. Add it to the tab.”

Over at Etnies the crew had a party for a certain Mikey Taylor who was getting his shoe. Now the Berrics has the full gallery but lets analyze a few photos.
“Do we have dramatic lighting?”
“Good composition of our subject?”
“Product images with names?”
“Hot damn boys we got ourselves a sneaker ad.”

Koston and Don brown or two look a likes? I could care less about Eric but that’s gonna be 8 for 8 of photos where Don Brown is doing something clever with a drink if it is him.

Seriously. This was in the Gallery I shit you not. Seriously, I always wondered what happened to the video game characters from Street Fighter 2 when they died. I’m sure somebody will tell me later he has a disease and I should feel bad for talking shit but c’mon…his head is so TINY!

Finally …the shoe of the hour. Way to show up fashionably late. Nice artwork Don.

Finally, What in the hell is all this crap I am hearing about Skatebook and the TWS awards? If you haven’t heard go to the and check it out. pretty funny. By the way Salman…instead of Fed Exing Books…send them via courier like you did to the TWS Awards. To Notch…!

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