Vid-Yo Alert

Skate videos, my how you have changed in the past 20 years. My first skate vid (like many in my generation) was the Bones Brigade video show. After that it was follow by Streets of Fire, Public Domain and the Animal Chin vid…though not in that order. But, to be honest none of it ever seemed real. The skating was real but as a defining inspirational momentnot so much.None of it made me want to go skate. My reality of skating in small town in Upstate New York was vastly different from the California landscapes that were on the screen in front of my eyes. We weren’t all sunshine, half pipes and bro-brahness. Instead we had the post World War 2 cold war inspired industrial architecture that defined many a small town in the North East. Banked parking lots in warehouse loading bays became our Santa Monica School grounds. Instead of empty pools we stole wood and built ramps that today would have easily been a visual of the saying “Piece of Shit”. Oddly enough while my peers were glued to the TV I was typically out skating in the driveway just trying to learn something new.. Granted it was a driveway and not the boardwalk between Santa Monica and Venice Beach. But, you make do with what you have. Flash forward 25 years, yes…I am that damn old,and skating’s new evolution has allowed for more public parks. Even in my old hometown.

The landscape of skating has changed and now I seem to spend more time as a desk jockey than skating. With that turn events that comes with getting older I’ve also tried to become more plugged into the videos and with the youtubes, vimeo players and god knows what else the medium has spun out of control. Some may say youtube killed the skate video star but I’m finding inspiration in new clips. While my good man Watson may not dig the HD The evolution of hi-def continues to amaze me. In my eyes going low tech on a video is like skating a board from 1986. Don’t do it unless you can naturally pull it off. which of course makes sense why Gonz is the only one to really get it right. Know what I’m saying?

Regardless here are my three favorite webby video clips from the world of skating. I find these especially delicious. Visually they get the job done by making me want to go skate even more. Now isn’t that a strange turn of events? These may be old news to you but lets get into the good stuf.

Yanks on Planks
Can the Girl Team do no wrong? Sweet sassy molassey this is a delicious romp across OZ. Check it out. Watch the whole way through. The music is great and just…works. The skating and angles are, of course, mind blowing. The vid clocks in at a glorious 10 minutes and 28 seconds. Watch it Now

Black & Blue Volume 4
Vox Footwear has always made me smile. Just down and dirty for skating with a real blue collar “lets get this done” attitude. Packing a team of faces you’d more than likely avoid in a dark alley Vox pumps out these 30 minute web only videos and they are damn good. Looking forward to the highlights for Drehbol, Gravette and Guzman. Watch the trailer over yonder and stay tuned for the video in July.

Easy Steady
I’m sure this was born out of somebodies first day dorkin’ around with a steady cam. Actually, I’m 99% sure if you look at the pics from Skate Fairy. But, it really doesn’t matter. As the footage unfolds you don’t really know what’s happening next. From the viewers seat it looks like a one shot deal. That’s awesome. The video image is crisp, everything flows and the skating retains the core of being raw and gritty. This kind of reminds me when you’d watch a video and know the pro shot it all in a few days versus over 18 months. There’s nothing wrong with stockpiling footage but there’s a certain unique quality to it all being done in one day. Check it.

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