Redesigned & Relaunched

You never really know how good a web site is until you are forced to spend a few hours looking it over due to the crushing weight of a flat tire. You see, I ride my bike to work. Nope, I don’t have a harley or crotch rocket. This is a good old fashioned bicycle. Yeah, it’s too far to skate so I pedal in and pedal home. At least until blogging pays the bills. Then I plan on being a cool-breeze-blogging machine from the home base in the forgotten city. But, I digress.

I flatted out on the way home yesterday. I walk about a mile to my local bike shop and there’s a sign up: “Gone riding. Back in 45 minutes”. Can’t say I blame them it was a killer afternoon on the East Coast. The sun was shinning and wind was blowing. Right up until the when the wind blew a thunderstorm into my neck of the woods. I retreated one block to some chain coffee sandwich joint that had free wi-fi and proceeded to get my web nerd on. First stop:

Now, if you’ve been following this blog you know I am a fan of Skatebook. This would be a certain publication assembled by a certain Mr. Ballard (fix your link Ballard) and Mr. Agah that is certain to melt your face with enough mind mrlying visual skate stimuli both new and old. In short: yes…it’s that f***ing good. If I have to explain why do us all a favor leave this page and go read about something else. Odds are you never will get the words I’m wrting and the sheer lazyness of my blog precludes me from going into much more detail. However, if you are still with me and are clamoring, as I am, for more input like Johnny 5 in Short Circuit lets proceed…

The Skatebook guys were not pleased with just a print product. No, unlike most publishers who harken back to a simpler time…say that of the Guttenberg press they chose to go digital. Thus, was born. I have been an ardent fan of Skatebook and the web site began to move into an even better territory. The visuals on paper came to life as backstory was fleshed out in digital playback. Right on indeed my friends. This past weekend after a session was rained out I surfed over to skatebook and watched a brief clip on Eric Koston. The best part was slightly haggard looking Jim Greco talking about his interpretation of Eric’s skating. Lucid, calm. and with an eerie 500 yard stare Greco dead panned a few responses that conveyed his awe. I opened up volume one of Skatebook and glanced through the images while Jim spoke. For that moment Jim Greco and I were in awe of Eric Koston. The playing field was leveled and the connection of print, the interwebs and skating was complete. I was pretty happy.

Back to my adventure thie other day. So I’m looking up and notice a redesign has been levied upon their site. I managed to type faster and mumbled a few profanities that are actually anatomically impossible unless you are triple jointed. While the rain came down in sheets on the asphatlt in Virginia and a Tornado warning whipped through the country side I scanned with a fervor through the site. I smailed at the images from Tobin Yelland staring back of my glwoing laptop. My smile grew toa devilish grin as I soon realized Volume 1 will be joined by another edition of Skatebook soon enough. Yep, another edition is on the way. That being said has a new look, a new edition of the book i coming out and we are only a few days into June. This is shaping up to be a damn good month. Do yourself a favor visit early. Visit there often.

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