An Early Skate Wrap

Ah, I haven’t done a wrap in I don’t know how long but thanks to the glory of the info web I’ve been texting, twittering and e-mailing links to my mailbox so i can pull them out for just the occasion. I’m not going to expand too much on each. You need the info….

Watson is back on the radar screen over at You Will Soon. About time! Actually, You Will Soon has had a steady stream of updates. As always…go read.

Living Under a Rock: Round 1
Deluxe Distribution spent last week rolling out the Krooked, Real, Anti Hero, Spitfire and Thunder Truck Catalogs online. Check it and before you get into all your hardware geekeom mouse over the photo and read the message from Jim. Usually, I write that stuff off at bullshit but I’m fairly certain he means it. As for his message. Yes, Indeed. Right-fuckin’-on.

Speaking of Spitfire…

Did you see this collab t-shirt and Wheel and Shirt Spitfire did with Emage in Denver? Green and White =’s the Colorado license plate. Yep.

Not Gone and Not Forgotten
I hadn’t been back to in a few weeks but was glad to head back there a bunch of updates I’ll call out the tops two. A session at the Duke went down with cameras. Good skating. Good Skaters. Spot…well it’s the Duke. Nuff said

Chis Hall
may have left DC but his presence is still felt and you can see his other talents peak out in the new issue of Legit. Skip to page 31 and enjoy a quick interview with the man who brought you Get Fam’ and understand how he put the hustle together to get a movie made. See, this sneaker thing. it actually pays the bills for a few folks.

Speaking of Spitfire Part Dos
Jeebus, it must be collab month for those guys. They got together with 48Blocks for a little shirt and contest. Get the details here and you could win this shtufff.

The Dew Tour X MTV

Well, I’ll be honest it just shows how “off the radar” this is to me. I wasn’t even tracking this but it looks like MTV is joining forces with NBC Sports and the Dew Tour. You can read all about it here or you can read Bryce’s post from You never know how this will all play out but the fact that MTV is already shamelessly hyping their teen beat skater in the press release … you might have an early glimpse where this is heading.

Now, if MTV, NBC and AST turn around make a massive public skatepark donation or drive some of that fancy ad revenue into making skating accessible for the masses then I will back them 110%. If the guys on the right are going to hold a part of skating’s future in their hands, I’ll say this: “can you please give back to what you are taking from?” By all means make money. Go ahead and profit. But, give back in a larger substantial way than free Slim Jims and autograph sessions. Maybe you have this on the books and if you do…nice going. But if you don’t …Dew it.

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