Nike SB Part Dos: Sneak Peaks and Quickstrike

OK, So more Sb drops are going on some of them are actually hitting the streets and others….well they are in the distant future. So I’ll stop with the jibber jabber and get into it.

back in February if you had told me that the Lobster shoe was really real I would have said “No way” I was banking that it was a photo shop job. Looks like I’m the jackass. Concepts up in Cambridge, Mass is rolling this out much like SPoT did with their Moat Mid. So, precisely one hundred fifty American peso’s gets you a smart pair of shoes from a the wicked pissah in the north east. The Lobsters come in a fancy box with a shirt, a lobster kit and a shoe with a rubber band around the toe. Yes, the claw band. OK, so the drop Saturday May 31st but unless you live up North don’t count on getting your hands on these.

Next up is a better look at the P-Rod high. Yes, very similar to the grainy trade show and catalog images that were rolling around earlier in the year. I have to wonder if Nike is getting into the new shoe with every year like they did with a certain Mr. Jordan. Actually this shoe reminds me of some Nike’s I had at a very young age. Not much has changed it still looks like P-Rod 2 with a dunk high upper and the P-Rod 2 tongue brought into the mix. Apparently you can look for this to make an appearance later in the Summer of 08. Thanks Sneaker Freaker for the heads up on this

Finally do you remember this board? If you do then you are old. Now that we are beyond that …you’ll recall it was fuzzy and goes down as one of the funnier innovations of skating. Yes, when slicks were dropping World but fuzz on the bottom of the board. As Mark McKee the artist says in this solid article from Mumble Magazine:

“I love how this board had real fuzzy velvet flocking applied to it like the kind of black light posters it was parodying. The deck printers silk screened glue on each of the boards and then sprinkled the flocking stuff on by hand.

So if you remember that deck you’ll get a kick out of the “Space Tiger” dunk allegedly dropping from SB. One of the better things I’ve seen and to be honest even though I would never wear them ….it’s a little stroke of genius. I can only hope they’ll put out a Future primitive Blazer for Lance. So wait and see if it’s true or head over to sole Fresh to get more images.

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