Nike SB Part Uno: June 2008 Drops

Things have been getting kinda wonky in the sneaker world the past few weeks. With all the hype surrounding the Nike SB Thrashins and Ferris Buellers the long term vision went bye-bye. Turns out SB is turning it up this summer with more drops so we’ll cover this in two posts. Yes, we’re crazy like that. We’re going to get into the general release kicks here.

Pretty stock release overall with some solid colorways. The one that will really stick out at you of course is the dunk that has had a little buzz going since late last year the Newcastle to sink up with the Heineken’s and the PBR shoe from way back when. The mid, the harbor and the latest Zoom Tre a.d. are all solid. The classic is the one that leaps out at you. The colorway can be spotted from about a mile away and has a definite bozo the clown vibe. I know more than one clown that loves that shoe though.

The guys at Emage in Denver have the scoop so here’s the latest from our friends who have a Rocky Mountain High. This may or may not be true …after all this is the internets.
From the Emage homeys:

“Dunk Low Pro (Newcastle) – If you’re over 21, you know what this one’s all about…Beer!!

Dunk Mid (Casino) – Designed after the old Casino Skatepark in N.J. where Nike SB’s sales manager used to work. Sick distressed leather on the toe and heel!!

Zoom Harbor (Island Teal) – Good white canvas vulcanized shoe…Perfect for summer!

Classic SB (Game Blue) – Themed after a ping pong table that the L.A. SB rep has. They white and orange laces.

Zoom Tre A.D. – Midnight Fog color with patterned side panel”

Word to the wise guys… use spell check before you hit the send button…I had to clean up your copy. Yeah. Me. I typically have more spelling errors than anybody. Anyway enjoy the pics.

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