Finally … Gravis Shows off Arto’s Pro Shoe

Possibly one of the worst kept secrets (to the point that it was not a secret) Gravis has unveiled its new team including Dylan Reider and of course… Mr. Arto Saari. Their chosen method of mass communcation? A new website Gravis IV Skateboaridng. Interesting, name and a new direction for the Burton owned brand as the plunge headlong into the world of skate. Burton now has the trifecta of hardware: Alien Workshop, Habitat and clothing: Analog and of course footwear: Gravis IV Skate. I’m guessing with Arto repping all three it’s a nice financial piece of change.

Straight from the new website:
For over a year we have been working on a new project here at Gravis, part of our brand’s DNA since day one. We feel that it is now time to confirm the rumors.

Welcome to Gravis IV skateboarding.

Over the last few months our dedicated product team has worked with Arto Saari to develop our first ever performance skate footwear collection. Over the next year we will introduce four deliveries of product exclusively created by our team of skate athletes. The first product released under the Gravis Skate program is the Viking Hi LX Ltd, a limited release of the Viking, designed and built from the ground up by Arto Saari and Gravis. This product line will be sold exclusively in skate shops around the world. Over the next few months we will build the content and update the next additions to the IV skateboaring team, stay tuned. The stamp of approval for all products specifically built for skateboarding is the Gravis IVsk8 word mark and IVsk8 icon. This is the official emblem of the Gravis skateboard team. Welcome to Gravis for skateboarding.

I’m interested if anybody will actually buy the shoes. The shoes drop July 25th. Time to wait and see. The good news is that the viking will look smashing as you sit by the pool in those warm summer months.

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