Work, Work, Work Part 2: Monday’s Vid-Yo

Yes, the past week has been a busy one. The lack of updates is not because of general slacking but more because of the things a new infant brings along into the world: lack of sleep, an alarming rate of poopy diapers, a manic departure from the already tenuous routine of work, family, skating… in summary: it’s pure f*cking chaos.

But, guess what? I love it. Seriously, wouldn’t trade this for the world. However, I do try to stay constant with South of the North. Lucky for me I got a sneak peak of what Adam Turrisi will be dropping here shortly. Yes, I will take the easy blog post today. Thanks Adam for sending this in. You just saved me from actually writing a long winded column on bearings. Nobody wants that. Nobody.

For those of you who don’t know Adam is a Virginia skater and filmer who’s pulling together a skate flick for release later this year. Adam has a few of the Convoy crew in there and you know I’m hyped on what Convoy is bringing to the scene so in the best interest of local skating … I give you a sneak preview of ‘The Thriller’.

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