Zoo York Drops a Big One on the East Coast

I’ll be the first to admit that Zoo York is an acquired taste. However, if you’re down for skating, enjoying the asphalt and concrete playgrounds of the world or even just the Big Apple… you’ll find something to your liking in the Zoo Crew. Personally, I’m hyped on Suski and Bassett. I just caught a glimpse of the rest of the team From the King of the Road but Aarron and Zered…please. How can you not enjoy their style? Anyway not to leave the world hanging but Zoo i having quite the week. Lets recap the blitzkrieg they’ve levied upon our internets, shall we?

First up…You know how much South of the North loves themselves some Skate Park of Tampa, right? No? Get the refresher right here. OK, well, turns out Zoo York sent Eli Reed and Mr. Zered Bassett own to Ybor to hit u the Tampa Pro. wondering how that went for the crew? Wonder no more my good friend. Check the podcast out right now. Follow the links to your golden ticket:

YouTube Link:


iTunes Link:


Next up … it’s tour time, East Coast Style. Mini Tours rule

Don’t forget Zoo Yorks Spread the word contest going on right now. I recommend not eating a roach.

Finally, The Zoo York Institute and New Era, in association with the Harold Hunter Foundation and KCDC Skateshop, are proud to announce that the 2nd Annual Harold Hunter Day will take place Saturday, May 17th, in New York City./For those of you that don’t know and some of you that do…. Harold Hunter was a NYC skate icon and departed a few years back.

To celebrate the life and vibe of Harold on May 17th, Harold Hunter Day II will kick off at the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark located underneath the Manhattan Bridge on the corner of Pike and Monroe Streets in Chinatown. From Noon–6pm an all ages skate jam will take place, with a massive product toss and live music provided by DJ’s Neil Nice, Vinny Ponte, and New York’s finest, Pete Rock. That’s right…Pete Rock.

After the skate jam, a special HH Day II party will go down from 8pm–Midnight at KCDC Skateshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Open to the 21+ crowd only, the party will feature free drinks, live music, an art installation by Cinik, and a slide show of Harold pics from acclaimed photographer and long-time friend, Giovanni Reda.

You know the details. Like we used to say back home…You Gotta show up to blow it up.

Harold Hunter Day II is made possible through generous support from the numerous people and companies that played an important role in Harold’s life including Rock Star Bearings, SHUT, 5boro, Hopps, Official, Instant Winner, UXA, Verte, Acapulco Gold, Billy’s Nuts, Savage, Off Bowery, Everything Must Go, Frank 151, DQM, Rival, Supreme, Autumn, KCDC, Anything, Red Bull, and Camp Woodward.

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