Back At It & Arto on Alien Workshop

Well, that was a nice couple of days off. You know: kick back, relax, welcome a son home. Your usual weekend. Seriously, aside form the forthcoming massive lack of sleep not much has changed. This actually has become more motivation to move out to the suburbs and build my own concrete features to skate. If I am going to be home bound in the foreseeable future I might as well re-craft the visage of the all-american backyard. I’m thinking right hand kidney four feet to eight feet with fed stone coping. Ah, the American dream at last. The odds of pulling that off are slim to none…

One big chunk of news that did drop aside from my wife giving birth was the word on Arto Saari finally departing Flip for Alien Workshop. The courting of Arto by Gravis footwear has long been a rumor but not yet official. Mr. Saari is off the Etnies roster for sure but now this move by Alien Workshop has to push the Gravis announcement out the door. In case you missed it earlier this year…Burton who owns Gravis bought Alien Workshop. So, yup that means Arto is a Burton Snowboards employee. Nevermind that he’s already on Analog, Burtons clothing line for skate surf and snow. Regardless, it’s unknown whether Arto will drop a part in the Sovereign Sects forthcoming visual offering ‘Mindfield’. That’s what really counts we want to see more of him skating.

Flip, ever classy, dropped the note over the weekend to let us all know. Geoff Rowley chimes in and like a true friend keeps it on the up and up. Good luck at AWS Arto and I’m looking forward to more mind blowing footage from you for years to come. Now Somebody update the Wikipedia page. Sponsor hopping is trivial. Just pass along more skating.

As from today, Arto Saari is no longer riding for Flip Skateboards, and has found a new home at Alien Workshop. Everyone at Flip wishes Arto the best for his future with the Burton family, and are in total support of this move for him.

“Arto is like a brother to me. After years of being on the same team with the same goals it was time for him to move on. We remain the best of friends and will continue to skate together probably harder and probably more so than ever!!! I wish him all the best and as a brother, I shall always have his back”
-Geoff Rowleyx

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