Independent 30th Anniversary Tour or "When Getting Old Gets Awesome"

People come and people go
Some grow young and some grow cold.

-Tom Petty

I know. You wouldn’t expect a Tom petty quote up front on a post about Indy. But, here’s the thing, if you know a lick about your music history you’ll know that Tom Petty battled major labels over album pricing. Yep, TP used to be quite the retro punk rocker by music industry standards. Quite simply he knew what he was good at and what his audience wanted so he would hook it up for them anyway possible. Wouldn’t you knowthe same thing happened in skating.

Independent Trucks has had a similar effect. They stick to their guns and make damn fine trucks. Personally, I love ’em and cherish them under my feet. When I picked up this little nugget from my in-box I was quite pleased. See, having just flipped the switch on 35 myself it’s nice to know that skating isn’t just the young mans game. This Tour, like Indy, will be all about skating and skating of all ages. The lineup is wide and diverse guaranteeing that no matter who rolls into your town you best flip on the camcorder because it will be another 30 years before it happens again. Check out the Indy Trucks 30th anniversary website and if you are in the mood for some good old fashion Byrds influenced jangly rock get Tom Petty’s new Mudcrutch album.

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