Dropping Today: Bad Brains X Vans X Supreme

Supreme is back at it with the collab. This go around we got a threeway and thankfully no Muppet’s were involved. Nope this time Supreme stepped into very different yet equally large cultural icon. See, if Kermit the Frog represented an optimistic wholesome side of the Regan years then Bad Brains represents the pissed off angst whose anger broke through with the Positive Mental Attitude.

Few groups actually played as fast and as technical as these guys. Certainly in the early days H.R. voice would wail thru song after song. Honestly, in terms of musical force, it’s highly unlikely they will be rivaled. Finding that unique combination of talented musicians who play lighting fast with so much to say will be near impossible. Certainly in Washington D.C. they are still revered as a band that played equal parts contributor and pioneer to the harDCore sound. Then again you know what they say about pioneers …sometimes they end up with arrows in their backs.

All of is in this game want to honor those who have paved the way and it’s nice to see these guys get their due. You know what they say abouThey belong up there with Hosoi, Cab and the rest. Dig.


All Photos Courtesy Hypebeast
View the full collection here.

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