The Music World Drops in on Skating

The music world has a long standing affair with action sports. I personally blame Tony Alva for rockin’ out in the 70’s like the rockstar he was and Nata Kaupas for throwin’ huge ollies while wearing that infamous Public Enemy t-shirt. Then again without Tony who knows where we’d be and of course Natas along with Gonz brought us the modern era of street skating. Thank you for the ollie boys. I use it daily. Back to music though…

This whole topic came up through word association. A few weeks back a friend was asking me what came to mind when he said “New York City”. I blurted out ‘hip hop and punk rock of course!” That’s right two of the most glorious expressive forms in the musical world. there was no better place to be that around the NYC in the 80’s from Strong Island to the Boogie Down Bronx, New York was the stuff you read about in books. The musical forms that made New York unique began to branch out and heavily influence skateboarding. While it might have been in Southern California…who can forget and photo of Natas Kauapas busting a huge ollie on a schoolyard bank while rockin’ the infamous Public Enemy logo?

Now, 25 years later, the homies at Zoo York are keeping the spirit alive.This collab is with longstanding NYC crew the Lords of Brooklyn. I continue to be stoked on Zoo and their desire to keep pushing the boundaries of skating. Hip Hop, like skating, is a funny thing. One day your hot next thing you blink and you’re not. The LOB have been around for awhile from tagging to putting out rhymes. Only thing I can say is it’s good to see New York City skaters and bands standing strong together.

However my affinity for NYC Hip Hop aside (who can ever forget the Jam Master Jay Adidas?) no company drops more music collabs in the sneaker world than Vans. Taking a swing through Hype beast on any given week I see a new level of steez sneaking out from the edges. Recently Vans dropped their third installment in the Iron Maiden series. When an Image of the Kiss collab popped up I was a wee bit shocked. Then came the big one. I came across the image for the Vans X Supreme X Bad Brains collab.yeah. That pretty much puts them over the edge. For those of us living in D.C. “Banned in D.C.” never rang more true than in these freaky deaky turbulent times. Hair metal, glam rock or political jah-riddem punk…take your pick Vans covers all genres.

End of the day I’ll stick with my beat up old Public Enemy shirt and try to ollie off the hips at the downer like it was 1987 all over again. In the meantime you dig Public Enemy’s performance from Fuel TV’s Daily Habit. Although if anybody sees those Bad brain kicks please hook me up with a pair. Now go skate …or run to the hills.

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