Que Pasa Adio?

Nobody is 100% sure where Adio is heading these days as company but they do appear to be marching forward. There were some layoffs and it sounded like an overall shift for them was a longtime coming. We do know that as now Tony Hawk and Bam Margera are no longer on the team page so start speculating where they may decide to go in time. Brian Sumner jumped to NSS awhile back so the brand appears to be getting an image and marketing overhaul as well. The easy answer is this: times are tough all over. The current economy in the States is brutal and doesn’t appear to be getting better anytime soon. The trickle down effect hits every industry and marketing. Yes, that includes skateboarding.

What will the final shake up be for Adio? Well, for several years they hitched their caboose to the Bam Margera train. That of course came to screeching halt as his MTV show faded out with a slightly awkward series about him getting married. So, long story shortened here, Adio is left with a team of good skaters but nobody they’ve marketed or built an image around. Starting from marketing ground zero is probably the best thing they can do right now. That and trim out all the shoes which nobody buys.

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