Drops, Rumors and Hops

Yes, it has been busy the last few weeks. People have been jumpin’ on and off teams. The biggest consistent rumor has been following Arto and whoever will end up on Gravis. The rumor mill continues to churn now with Dylan Reider leaving Vans and heading to Gravis with Mr. Saari. Dylan is already in bed with the Burton brands Habitat and Analog. Hey why not make it one big happy family.

In other shoe news, is Braydon making the rounds wearing some samples of his pro shoe with Emerica? Certainly appears that way. Nothing says I’m a pro skater like a bat tattoo under your eye and some shoes with your name on them. Also, Jason Lee and Chris Pastras are now enjoying the scene over at Dekline? Que? In the event you’ve been living under a rock Jerry Hsu’s pro shoe for Emerica is out and about. Enjoy. TWS was on the scene…live everybody else.

Transworld and Slap news confirmed that Alex Olson and Anthony Poppalardo are off Lakai. Hopefully Olson will be making his way over to Vans. A bunch of people think that’s a strong fit. In board news… Walker Ryan is on Organika. Hopefully we’ll see more flowing out of the Organika camp soon. For those of you who want to sep into the way back machine original stereo pro Matt Rodriguez is joining back up with the Stereo Sound Agents. Oh, David Gonzalez went pro for Flip.

Looks like 48 Blocks is getting some love in the Deluxe refresh for spring. Along with your Cardiel flannel deck you can now get your Spitfire shout out t-shirt to 48Blocks.com. Yes, the block is hot indeed. Finally, flowing out of the Baker camp… it’s Death Wish. The crew looks like Lizard King, Greco, Atwuan Dixon and Eric Ellington. The boards are looking pretty solid.

Now go skate.

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