Skate Wrap for First Week of April

In case you are wondering, it’s true, April showers bring indoor skate sessions. More importantly the warmer weather is starting to sneak a peek around the hazy shade of the East Coast’s temperamental fog and rain. Brighter days lay ahead for those of us longing to escape the life behind a computer. Coffee and skating on the horizon for spring morning sessions. Can’t wait. …On with the skate wrap for this week.

The Stuff You really Want: Eye Candy
You Might have been sleeping on this one but Real went to the Berrics. You can find over here in the older news pages on DLXSF. Hey, look who is in high definition. Yes, that is Kyle Leeper. Nice staplegun Mr. Leeper. Watch Kyle’s lovely clip now.

Timmy’s Top 5
Dirty Jersey’s finest in the form of Tim O’Connor went on point recently with his Top 5 for Crail Tap. Tim’s humor and point of view isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but I kind of liken him to the Bill Mahrer of skateboarding. 20% of the time he’s funny and 80% of the time he’s just telling the truth. The funny thing is that you can find sublime humor in the truth. Comedians like Mahrer do this very well and it’s very thin and dangerous line that most don’t like to walk. Tim does the same thing and for the most part it’s pretty funny. Because, like I said: true is funny. Even if all it means is slinging dat raw.

Did you hear the one about the Priest, the Rabbi and Vert skating?
The biggest thing to happen to the X Games since the started televising near death accidents happened this weekend. The cancelled skate and BMX vert for some ubiquitous new event called super park which will apparently incorporate elements of vert. OK, I get it. TV ratings were down. What’s done is done and there’s no going back on this one. Colin Bane has a good wrap up on BNQT with additional photos and comments from Lance dalgart.

A Mighty Convoy
In case you missed it we dropped a wrap up on the Battle of the Pyramid and review of Convoy skateboards this past week. Check it and if you need new wood support DIY skating. Dig it.

Jokes on You and Me
April Fools day is fun I copped You Will Soon’s style and wound up on There were better jokes to be had though. Crailtap had Andy and Spike duking it out in a fake fight. Robust flavor had a good one as well stating they got hit by Banksy. As for us.. no, Jamie Thomas is not starting and inline brand so all of you skaters dressing like a pawn shop broker from the deep south quit sending me e-mails.

Sheckler gets Megaired
All you fans of MTV, teen Beat and Proactive cleansing solutions can go to the plan B skateboards site to see Ryan padding up for the Mega. If you ever watched any of the Almost vids you know Ryan can throw down on some really big gaps. This shouldn’t surprise anybody.

Vans Gives the Block a Face Lift
It doesn’t take much to make me smile but hearing that Vans was giving the block a new look to reflect more of a skate plaza made me pretty happy. I mean, they’re leaving Combi replica as-is and next up is to make it more accessible. Keep skating interesting and accessible. Nice move Vans

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