Awwwwww Sh*t, it’s Creature Time

These days it doesn’t take much to put a twinkle in my eye and getting the latest Creature graphics dropped front and center is always a good start. Nice to see Stu Graham get a deck and of course Creature tends to drop beauties in limited shapes with great artists. Check them out and then go buy two or three.

OK, working left to right we have the limited editor Chupacabra deck. These are limited to 300, hand numbered and signed by Skinner Davis who freaked up this art. Apparently the Chups comes with a skinner monster zine.

Next up is Stu Graham’s evisceration pro model. Why does Stu get a pro model? OK, watch this and then scroll down.

Do we really need to get into it? Really? I mean …really… No? Good.

Finally, it’s the Death Card model. I mean what did you expect it is Creature after all.

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