The Skate Wrap: Vert is Dead & More…

The weekend has arrived! D.C. is starting to burst apart at the seems in glorious spring-like fashion. We’ve got Cherry Blossoms blooming, drinks getting colder and days getting longer. The latter of course means we can bust out and go skate. Thankfully nights are getting warmer so it’s not a total bust anymore. Not saying I’m a “cold weather quitter” but we are long over due for some warmer weather. Enough of my kvetching let the wrap proceed.

The Best Rumor of 2008: Vert is Dead

Well the absolute best rumor of the year landed recently and if this proves to be true it will be interesting to see how many pros go along with it. The rumor is that the X games is killing off skate vert and transitioning to a new event called Super Park. Well for all the rumors flying around I got news for you: vert will never die. Vert just goes into hibernation every 110-15 years in backyards and rears it’s head at good contests like the Tampa Pro. So everybody calm down. Yes, ESPN is looking for the next big event to pit Shaun White versus Ryan Sheckler. Should you care? No, not at all. They don’t do it for progression of skating like Danny Ways exploration of mega Ramp. Nope, they do it for ratings and ad dollars. So as always I advise you to listen to Chuck D and Flavor Flav on this one… “Don’t believe the hype.”

Battle of the Pyramid!
Should you find yourself in the Nation’s Capital this weekend I encourage you to join me out at the Arlington County Skate park for the Battle of the Pyramid. I will be skating, heckling and enjoying what can only be considered real DIY skaters who treat life like lotto: “They are in it to win it.” So cruise on by to Powhatan Springs skate park this Saturday, march 29 12- 4 PM. Live it. Love it. Skating.

SkateBook 2 Coming Soon
Salman dropped a note the other night to let us know SkateBook 2 is coming. You can check all the previews over on there’s a solid preview of Dyrdek sitting down with Stevie Williams so check it. On Another note everybodys favorite future Iranian President of America has joined the ranks of pro-bloggers. Entertaining informative, insightful and 100%

Hello Malcom X Park
Allen Danze, thank you for continuing to pump these out. Caliente.

The Pro Mustachio Blog Bashio

I grew a ‘stache this winter and it served me well in a creepy fat Tom Selleck sort of way. I saved time at the pub never being carded. I got called “Tex” and “buddy” down at the creepy store where I buy my beverages. Aside from that it sucked. I do enjoy the mustache duel engaged by Patrick Melcher and Gareth Stehr. Personally, I think a “mustache ride” pro deck for each of them is in order. You can weigh in your opinion or abstain based on lack of facial hair the choice is yours.

Sneaker Preview Parts 1 & 2
been Living under a rock? yeah? Need to see what’s been hapenning outside of your little realm? OK. Well, we are 2/5 of the way through the Spring Sneaker preview. So make sure you follow up next week I’m pulling out an old classic that making a return
Nike SB Zoom Tre A.D.
Vans Mid Skate

Leaving You Black and Blue
Vox footwear has dropped Volume 3: Black & Blue 100% online for your viewing pleasure. This video & this team are a must see. Corpsey isa stellar highlight on any terrain but one “Oh shit” moment that is burned into my head will be Hewitts crail in an over vert pocket. Speed, style and sin all rolled into one. Enjoy the video. Watch it here.

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