Spring Shoe Review Round One: Nike SB Zoom Tre A.D.

Yes, since the bags are packed and more days have been spent skating than snowbroing. The time has come to make the official jump to spring and skating. Like I ever stopped over the course of the winter. But, enough of the digressing. Lets talk about what to put on your feet while the weather shifts rapidly from old man Winter to the joys of spring. Be honest now: it’s the best time of year the weather gets warmer, the skate spots bloom with new tricks and cold drinks taste even better. Moving on …

A few days ago the Nike Zoom Tre A.D. came into my posession. As excited as I am to put a shoe through it’s paces in skating I am equally excited to do my best in pulling the shoe apart…physically and theoretically. First impressions are always good and the lightweight breathable nature of the shoe worked nicely while truckin’ around my Berrics away from the Berrics local indoor spot. There was a significant amount of board feel and control underneath my feet but with there was also the addition of the cushioning due to the Nike Zoom tech. This is one thing I appreciate about SB’s. I love the grip and feel of vulcanized soles but after many years of the old kick push my feet are breaking down. I’ll take the help where I can get it to skate longer every session. The ZTA.D.’s backed that mission.

The most interesting thing was how the shoe flexed. On more than one occasion I was adjusting from street and diving right into transition the shoes flex rolled with me at every bend, give and turn without giving. Now I didn’t ollie higher, skate longer or land anything amazing but it was a smoother feeling for a pair of shoes right out the box. In the end the shoes simplicity and ability to work with you while skating had me at hello. Which is the funny thing … for a pair of shoes that is supposed to be high tech if felt very basic. That is a very good thing.

Nike is certainly pushing this new shoe and you have to applaud them for trying new things. Getting a variation of Nike’s free technology into the sole opened the door for this shoe to reach its potential. In the end there is a skate shoe that everybody loves. We all know while the tech “moonboot- D3” skate era was boomin’ vulcanized crept back into style. Now a similar scenario is happening in the opposite direction and Nike is sitting in the sweet spot. The only thing this shoe needs to do in order to be a hit is find its way onto the feet of skaters.

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