Monday Morning Goes Sexy and Creepy

Well, this is better than a nice cuppa’ espresso for your Monday morning “Hello and Welcome!” Apparently, Jenna Jameson continues to find here way into the action sports world. Maybe it’s the fact that here boy friend is MMA star Tito Ortiz or perhaps it’s because she’s a pornstar. I mean, you figure it out. First she popped up in collab deck with Zoo York a few weeks back. This is actually pretty sharp of Zoo York. Not really sure how I feel about using porn to sell skating but we use everything else and that’s one of skatings better qualities: nothing is sacred.

But, this video that popped up on Shred or Die is closer to some “Skinemax.” Posted by none other than BMX pro Rooftop we get to see Ms. Jameson saunter up and down the beaches of Tavarua. Nice to watch until you realize … it’s kinda creepy. Enjoy your PG perv here and hopefully Tito Ortiz won’t punch my teeth out.

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