Skate Wrapping it Up: Etnies, The Label, and More…

Where does the time go? I mean when all is said and done where does it go? I certainly can’t account for it. Thus, it must be finite. yes, this is another skate wrap for the week and it’s starting off… well lets just call it an auspicious beginning. OK, lets jump in.

Best news I heard all week (aside from episodes 13 & 14 of Epicly Later’d: John Cardiel) comes from The Label guys are heading to the Berrics soon. That’s right. The Kid, Chet and everybody.. Shuriken … you name it. They will be on the spot with Mr. Berra. Rumor has it there was even a Lucero appearance. Visit the Berrics often and read the Black Blog. You’ll be happier if you do.

Lets take a quick recap and recount the things I was supposed to to do. Yes, I was supposed to do a spring shoe review but that will have to wait until this weekend. All I can say is this: vulcanized, cup sole, low-tech, or high tech…. get what ya like. I have a few favs and I’ll be dropping them this weekend. Backing that up we have a review coming up on the crew and Convoy Skateboards and their upcoming contest: Battle of the Pyramid. Not to be missed this will be a rock solid event. More on Convoy dropping this weekend here and over on As always nobody does it better than D.I.Y. company’s like Convoy. Keep on following that dream guys.

So I missed the bash up in New York by 24 hours but Etnies dropped another big collab and this time they brought it out East. Verte and Etnies have teamed up on some kicks and a few pieces. Etnies team up with Verte includes a new updated version of the Ollie King and a drop of the New Jameson shoe. The party at Max Fish had the New York scene out and about with Shut representing and others. Sorry we missed this one but thanks for the invite guys!

For the record there was no Rob Brink appearance. Instead Rob let us know he’s rolling over in Barca on a mission with some Pros you know. Some you Am’s you might be surprised to hear about. Plus he provided my favorite team update…ever: “Dill and Rune & Sheck are in Oz right now… Rune is winning shit, Dill is filming for AWS…sheck got a concussion…” Straight up. That’s it and that’s all. Hopefully everybody is safe and happy on the road. Stay tuned from Jersey’s finest at Sole Tech.

Speaking of guys with better skills behind a camera than me. Shad Lambert actually updated with some stuff you won’t see in the mags which is always fun including Dustin Dollin picking up the tab for a crew. That’s quite a few Cuban drinks of course we also get another nice Lizard King ad or not ad depending on who you ask.

I knew Benji Galloway wasn’t everybodies cup of tea but this was new to me. Then again skateboard politics is fucking lame. So what if people don’t like Benji Galloway.

Last but not least, Jeff Tremaine has made it official and ‘Big Brother’ magazine is returning. The magazine that made it OK to laugh at anything, again returns on the internets under the flag. Adam Sullivan over at TW business drops the good word. I hope for more interviews with tattooed little people. Yipee.

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