Selling Out (all the way to the bank)

Holy crap the web continues to be brutal and you have to love it. There is nothing more spiteful than tapping away at your keyboard hating on others because you have this giant microphone known as the internet. But what the hell. It’s not like bloggers have more constructive things to do with their time … that’s why we blog. So buckle up because it’s time to travel down the bumpy road of “Opinons are like Asssholes…we all have them.”

The latest cool police gang up appears to be happening on the crew over at Supreme. In case you were wondering Kermit the Frog and skateboarding don’t mix. The whole Kermit in the photo shoot with the t-shirt and the deck can give you a douche chill. Now, if you aren’t familiar the douche chill is that same creepy feeling you get when the douche commercial comes on TV. Yep, creepy feelings all around. Kind of like watching ‘Kids’ now that Harold is dead. Scratch that ‘Kids’ gave me the creeps before Harold died. Anyway, here’s the knock off coming out of the web…

The crew at Robust Flavor found this nice work up with Fozzy bear. Gotta say a little photoshop goes a long way. The best part is that it’s actually a really good photoshop job. You don’t put that much effort into something unless it’s really hated.

Next up is that always funny “You Will Soon.” I gotta say the hate coming off this site has had more people laughing. They do a nice job of rolling up the hate in a nice candy coating of humor and sarcasm so it gos down easier. From the fake press release on Dollin quitting skating and taking up working on the runway to Jamie Thomas’ new inline skate company (relax it’s a joke) these guys are making sure nobody is safe and nothing is sacred. They openly called out the guys at Surpeme but aside from screaming into the microphone one can only hope they’ve raised some eyebrows. Judging by the lines at Supreme on the day you could get your Supreme Muppet gear … they won’t and don’t really care. The cash register in that respect is true judge and jury.

So what did we learn in this episode? Yep, some icons you just don’t fuck with and Muppets clearly crosses the line. OK, that’s probably not it at all. The spite may stem from the fact that this skate boutique trend continues to infringe upon selling the soul of skating purely for profit without reinvesting in the skateboarding itself. Boutiques are a tricky thing. Some set up shop and feed the scene in order to grow skating and by proxy their business. You can apply this to any business model. Support your customers and they’ll keep coming back. But Supreme’s attempt at pop culture crossover here fell short in the eyes of skaters and it does have an odor of commercial opportunism.

Then again if it’s art….who can really comment on what is good and bad? The subjective nature of the medium and the message really caters to ones personal taste. There is no blanket rule that says something must be a certain way in the art world. The same way there are no hard and fast rules in skating. Likes, dislikes and opinions: we all have them. But, there is one certainty. No way am I paying $150 for a deck, ever.

One thought on “Selling Out (all the way to the bank)

  1. What, you don’t post the Beaker X Diamond Collabo tee?Well thanks for the link anyway. I guess.Just kidding, thanks for the shout out, glad that you like the blog!

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