Here Comes the Weekend (a posting in progress)

Still Way to Early Sunday Morning
Should come as no surprise that the East Coast has been going through a minor heatwave. This, of course always screws up the general climate for about a week as cold and warm fronts battle it out for supremacy. Yesterday was one of those weird off and on days where it was super warm one minute and then sleeting the next. This leaves in the Mid Atlantic giving up on those last few spring temp days at the local Pennsyl-tucky hills and heading out skating more.

This would not be the case out West. Their Winter is still in full effect. I stumbled across this blog entry from the Snowboard Mag on a Loveland Mission. Check the pics. Looks like fun. Glad they can still get some after getting skunked last year. Check it out.
Way to Early Sunday Morning
Finally, Under Skatement Vol. 4 is making its way to D.C.
Palace 5, Next Weekend.
Thanks Forgotten City for the tip off.Saturday Night-ish
Clicking around today I came across the Vans Bowl-a-Rama links check the vids when you can. I’m off to dream of warmer days.
Pro Contest
Master’s Contest

Friday 7:13 AM
Epicly Later’d: John Cardiel #12
Patrick’s series on John Cardiel officially hits the 2/3’s mark and keeps on trucking. Episode number twelve covers John’s dedication to filming his part in Tranworld’s ‘Sight Unseen.’ That video part rocked my view of how flow could and should be in skating. If you are afraid of going fast and attacking things head on while skating. Watch his part and it will open your eyes.

By now the clear focus of what Cardiel is should be coming into view. His pure power and rawness is served by the massive amout of heart he puts into his skating. I’m unsure if there is another skater like him past or present. We can only hope for the future. Check episode number 12 and witness it all for yourself.

Friday 12:25 AM
Can’t Sleep on the new Allen Danze Series…’Danzed in D.C.’ courtesy of BNQT. Sorry Allen but you know HR is coming for his royalties soon.

Damn, Pfanner is on Anti Hero. Check the vid

Friday 12:23 AM
So, you can go ahead and say “thanks’ right now to the extra hour of daylight we get this upcoming Sunday. Finally, weekday skate sessions will go proceed. Everybody out west and up North can shred till their little hearts delight with the extra house of sun blazing over their head. Hopefully you don’t get caught up watching too much home improvement TV looking for tips on blowing out your ramp or closet for all those new kicks that are dropping. you might end up with one of these.

Redneck mansions aside this has been a busy ten days for the heads over at Nike SB. First they dropped the Tre feature. Next up the P-Rod 2 Tinker Hatfiled came out under the quick strike radar. Finally, the march line dropped with the introduction of the Tre and the awaited Dr. Feelgood dunk high and the Skate or Die Dunk.

Now by this point in time you should be able to flip through Ebay and sell your soul for this slice of cool but what really was funny was the “Bo” P-Rod 2 highs getting ready to drop. These would be the “Bo’s” as in Nike SB’s Sandy “man with the plan” Bodecker. Pretty big on the glitz but hey when you are in charge you can do whatever the fuck you want. Enough about Nike SB at the end of the day they are one company in the game. Lots of others out there doing new things.

Wow, all I can say is …wow. This came via The-Tackledbox and you should visit that site. Lots. I hope to see Dan Winslow in every ‘zine and at every comp next year. He’s the Icy Hot Stuntaz of snowboarding.*

* That blinding white flash you experienced earlier was called sarcasm. We know the video’s a joke. Calm the fuck down.javascript:void(0)

Friday through Sunday we update to one post. Afterwards you can sort and sift as you please.

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