Holy Oly Video, Photos and Der Bloggen

Beers, Banana Traction, Big Quarters and a Jeff Brushie appearance on a custom… if you believe everything you read. Enjoy the vid and damn Willie, wow.

More Holy Oly coverage can be found around the web ina variety of varietastical places such as extreme journalist at large Brooke Geery. Somehow between making pasta primavera and skating with Johnny Layton look-a-likes during Portland fake spring, Brooke found time to go take in the sights, sounds and assuredly the smells of the Holy Oly. Her little snippet, photos and vid-yo can all be found over here.

The other nugget (or gem as Brooke will name it) surfaced is this post from the Grenade site. Dave Schiff checks in from the Oly with all the random partyness that went on. Grenades blog is always a good read that makes me feel real old or real young depending on my bloody mary intake at that moment.

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