Skate Wrap

Another weekend down and finally got the opportunity to sneak in some skating. Thus, why not get into a solid skate wrap. We gotta be a little timely here and mention that if you weren’t sitting in front of a computer on Friday night then you clearly have a life. But, I had to check out some of the Slaughter at the Opera and enjoyed skating from the old stomping grounds in Sydney. Lutzka did his thing and walked away with the top spot. Full results and some photos from the Globe Site…

Slaughter at the Opera (presented by Globe and Thrasher) Results

1. Greg Lutzka
2. Adam Dyet
3. Ryan Decenzo
4. Gailea Momolu
5. Sean Malto
6. Nick Dompierre
7. Mark Appleyard
8. Ryan Sheckler
9. Torey Pudwill

Of course while you are on the Globe site you might as well check out United by Fate Episode #3 starring Matt Mumford and Jake Duncombe. This is going to be a premo way to waste time in the office or at school so get a cold beverage and enjoy some amazing skating by two of Oz’s finest.

Old News is Still News or “I wasn’t late. You were early.”
Rumored for just about ever and still not confirmed but we’re gonna talk about it anyways… Looks like Arto and Ali aren’t on the Etnies team page. Are all these effing Gravis Rumors true? Arto has up to three shoes on Etnies but they’ve all been pulled from the web page. That might not be good for business. But, change is inevitable. C’est la Vie … there’s some frenchy for Pierre!

I didn’t know Nate Sherwood was still around…kinda creepy.

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