Epicly Later’d: John Cardiel #9 & #10

Hopefully you didn’t miss the Godfather of Go Go collab deck post below. However, Thursday and Friday have become Cardiel days. Here is the small blurb I wrote for Vans that appeared on Vans.com last week. It takes the themes from several of my previous post here and consolidates them into a few thoughts.
All Hail Cardiel
The internet finally has a greater sense of purpose, at least for the next 16 episodes of ‘Epicly Later’d’ on VBS.tv. Patrick O’Dell, the brainchild behind the skate-doc recently released his sprawling series on John Cardiel.
Lets be honest, there isn’t a more deserving skater than Cards to get the ‘Later’d’ treatment. Simply put: the first time you see Cards boost over a hip or attack a rail it’s with an intensity that will burn inspiration into your brain. Mark Gonzales said it best during John’s intro for Transworld’s ‘Sight Unseen’: “He’ll skate so fast but the faster he goes the more control he has”. All we can say is watch and learn about the heart of skating in its rawest form.

Enjoy Episodes #9 & 10

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