Coming Soon: Nike SB Zoom Tre A.D.

The Zoom Tre A.D. is the next step forward in the world of Nike skate shoes. With the Tre A.D. we see Nike come full circle incorporating their latest technology into the sole for freedom, weight saving and cushioning. This shoe won’t be for everybody compared to the classic style of a blazer or dunk. Even the team edition has more of a classic skate shoe vibe.

The Tre A.D. will be interesting though. Check out this video for the lead designers insight as to what will make this shoe above and beyond others. This is Nike doing what Nike does best. Updating and innovating through technology and user feedback.

The shoe certainly bucks the the vulcanized trend of the past few years and shifts it back to the tech shoe. However they achieve this without building another D3 Moonboot. Regardless of your opinion of Nike, love them or hate them, they are doing the best they can with what they have. Clearly, they have quite a bit to work with.

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