…More Libness

Jumpin’ jeebus, I do love me some Mervin manufacturing. Later this week I’ll finally get around to posting about the Gnu Riders Choice I picked up but it’s pretty much hot shit right now. I have grip of boards waiting to be demoed and tested but I keep shrugging it off to go ride the RC MT. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, I got a real nice chuckle today. You see here in the Nation’s Capitol, also known in the snowbro world as the “Lesser Washington” we don’t have things like the Holy Oly or good snowboarding to keep us happy. Nope, but we got all sorts of politics and bull shit artist who will lie through their teeth to keep the rich richer and the poor…well poor. Now you may have differing political opinion … tough. This is my blog and I’m waving my right to free speech all over this damn post. Give me a hot minute and I’ll bring it back to snowboarding.

So, we are stuck with a bunch of liars, cheat and thieves but what can you expect from a town full of lawyers. I was really stoked to see somebody at Lib decided to put their words to good use and by spreading the word of the skate banana they took it upon themselves to spread the words of change. I’m not endorsing Obama until I see some plan on how he is going to get our economy and foreign policy out of the global poop chute. However, this just about made my day… It’s either the coolest board or the best photoshop job ever.

Now get your skate banana Kong on…

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