A Few Things We Missed: Rossi J-Dub and O-Matic

While sorting through the photo files and grabs from our buddys sites I came across these two files and never had the chance to get them up. The irony of these photos doesn’t escape me at all. We have the J-Dub from rossi with photo by CB and the Awesome from O-Matic courtesy of the Mustachio Posse. The irony of course is that Todd used to ride for Rossi. Rossignol has a knack for getting great snow talent but not being able to retain them: Richards, Crawford, Rice, Jackson…the list goes on.

Anyway the middle board below is the J-Dub. This of course was John Jackson’s pro model before he split for The program aka Forum and Special Blend. Like you didn’t already know that. What makes this board even remotely worth talking about is that it’s got magnetraction going on. Overall the 2007 J-Dub was twitchy even for magnetraction deck. Maybe I was the last guy to demo the deck all season but it felt not so good in the park nor bombing through runs. I have high hopes for the 2008.

I always dug TR’s decks. The side cut was always solid for leaning into the pipe walls or coming down and grabbing a mushy landing off a kicker. Todd’s style was always more skate influenced from a vert skating perspective so his boards maintained that fluid transition. Now his company O-Matic is going through it’s own transition. After almost debuting only in big box stores like sports authorities you see them coming into smaller shops. I just like the fact after writing “Awesome” on the bottom of his blank Mervin decks while between sponsors Todd has made the graphic leap to including it on his O-Matic Base. Nice one. Image courtesy the homies at themustachio.com.

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