Skate Dump — February 17th 2008

OK, it’s been a few days since we took a big dump of skateboarding on the site. No better time than present to conduct the “office hours’ so grab your self a hot cup of coffee, a bran muffin and puts some easy listening on the iPoo’d. We’re gonna let this come out all natural like without and harsh assistance from an outside force. Let the dump proceed.

Stereo Sound Agent and Fuel TV man-on-the-scene Chris Pastras teamed up with Skatepark of Tampa for a special 15 year anniversary shirt. So if you want to dress like Richie Jackson or just feel a need to lt your inner hippie out this is a wonderful way to kill two birds with one stone. That would be: join the hippie ranks and support Skatepark of Tampa. Then again you can bypass all of that and listen to the soothing sounds of Bad Brains. Just a thought. Oh yeah and enjoy the new Stereo Sound Agency trailer.

Action sports sites come and go. South of the North is barely in a year of it’s infancy but it’s safe to assume we’ll be around for a good chunk of time. Some sites are gasping for breath and others are coming on strong. But, one that has been around for some time is Bryce and Chris do a great job of keeping that site rolling day in and day out. With the likes of 48Blocks, the Forgotten City, The new Thrasher site and TSM the internets has regular skate content for us office drones. Being stuck inside looking at the web was never better. Thanks to you guys at Skate Daily for cranking it out four years running now. Please, for the love of Christ…. keep it up.

Twenty some odd years ago John Lucero decided having a skateboard company named after himself was a bit much. Thus, the Label was born. That would be Black Label skateboards. Now the Label has gone through a steady evolution over the years but always it’s been about skating. Commemorating the double decade anniversary we’ll see some new wood rolling out with different interpretations of the Label elephant by guest artist who also happen to be legendary skaters in their own right.. So, if you are into the whole skart thing this might be a good series to grab but a skateboards work is never done until you are done with it… you savvy? Check ’em out and here’s the board to artist key as if you couldn’t tell…
Jason Adam – Gonz
Kyle Leeper – Natas
Chet Childress- Lance Mountain (did you look at the latest Burnout?…awesome)
Shuriken Shannon –
Adam Alfaro – Hosoi

Oh yeah and De Valle is on Label!
DC Skateboarding TV is live
and of course they have a solid blog going with all their team updates. Lots of photos and video to keep rolling out.

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