Skater Vs. Cop, Again

Another cop smacked around another skater. basically it’s an abuse of power. The only difference these days is that thanks to affordable consumer electronics, cell phone cameras and the internets we all have access to the footage. I don’t care if you are 8 or 80, if you have stepped foot on a skateboard it’s a certainty somebody has hassled you over skating. I can deal with jocks, rednecks, security guards and shit birds of the general variety and their comments but I draw the line at cops.

Officers of the law are supposed to protect and serve. If a skater mouths off they need to rise above that moment and be the bigger person. That responsibility comes with the badge. There’s no need for this type of behavior. A middle age man slapping around and threatening a teenager is just sad. This guy is a disgrace to his badge and police officers everywhere. I’m not too sure I want this guy carrying a gun around if he resolves conflict through violence. As of right now officer Salvatore Rivieri is suspended with pay.

Personally, I believe in redemption and forgiveness. This guy needs anger management counseling and when skate park of Baltimore finally breaks ground…. Officer Rivieri should be required to put in some man hourswith the local skaters building the park. That sounds fair.

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