Snowboarding…. It Was Better When You Hated Us

Ah Monday morning … no amount of tylenol, coffee and Gatorade can cure the hangover I am feeling from Friday nights happy hour. Lets just say it was doozy and ended up with me trying to heel flip on my patio on at 3:41 in the morning. Maybe I need to cut back on the adult beverages. Nah. The effects however do lead to some premier class web surfing. I do love these little gems. Check out this small item on Quiksilver’s Natural Selection

The heads over at Blue Bird Wax posted up this article from the local paper on Willie McMillion being “relieved of his duties” after unleashing the verbal hounds during Quiksilver’s recent contest. Apparently his language and its content offended a few parents and marketing types. That’s kinda awesome.

Seems like the perfect ending to the Natural Selection. . Whatever happened it’s still funny to think about and right now I would love to hear that playback. Even better though is the trailer to the Bluebird movie. You can download this from Bluebirds site and it looks like a good old time is being had out there in Jackson Hole. Mark Carter throws a backside three around 3:35 that shows style and muscle can go together Overall, it’s pretty effin’ amazing. Check it out:

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