A Damn Fine Blog part 1

“Depressing” is the word I would use to describe the situation. Down here in D.C. the weather has taken a seasonably warmer turn but at the same time it’s raining which leaves us stranded without the ability to skate and snowboard. Even spots that have coverage are soaking wet. Could be a momentary revolt on the part of planet earth. I’m shocked it’s taken this long. But, enough about my situation lets talk about what we missed at SIA and a damn fine blog.

Often blogs (such as this one) are nothing more than snarky comments and unfounded opinion. However, coming out of Colorado is a snowboard blog that does a top notch job on both products and reviews. First chance you get click over to Shay Boarder see what I’m talking about. Shannon the blogs creator is along time rider and in her words give a glimpse at “the world of snowboarding through fembot eyes.” Lately The posts have been coming from SIA and now the on snow demos that were taking place in CO. Following along with the regular adventures and updates has kept me going as I watch the snow melt just a few miles to the North.

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