It’s Warm Outside Go Skate

Yes, sorry to break from the snow broing but the weather is just way too nice. Lets get back to skating. if it’s above 45 degrees there’s really no need to strap on a board and bomb hills when you can step on one and get the same effect. Although, truth be told, the coverage on Quiksilver’s Natural Selection continues. Our gal Laura, I think she’s a Jackson Loc, has been on the scene and keeping an eye on all that is happening. But, lets leave the powder infused tundra of Travis Rice and Taun Taun’s for one moment. Lets talk about skating.

“…Ease the Seat Back”

I have no clue what the fuck David Lee Roth was singing about when he tore into Panama back in 1984. The thing is though it’s still a great song. Creation skateboards and all there mellow goodness took to the beaches and bowled in pockets of Panama recently. Check their footage.

Blogging Up a Damn Storm…
Straight out of NYC and beyond 5Boro has hooked up the regular blog. I mean it’s 5Boro. Are you even going to try and hate? I hope not. Speaking of blogs, Etnies is now doing their own skate blog. Awesomeness. Actually, a cool little download from Jason Dill in there. Would I call Thrasher’s ‘Burnout’ a blog? Yep, your god damn right I would. They check in over at Black Box warehouse on a rainy afternoon. Go. Look. Learn. Lots of people you know doing the things you expect them to do…like skate. Mumford ain’t a $lave to the grind by the way. Don’t confuse it with the open house footy from not to long ago.

This didn’t pop up in a blog but in the Slap message boards. Those guys are fucking on it. I missed the issue of the Skateboard mag where Chet Childress was a guest ed. but appears he took a sharp pointy sticky to everybody including Birdo at Consolidated for the “Don’t Do It” campaign. looks like Birdo decided to poke right back. Skate board feuds are like arguing on the internet. Nobody wins but it’s really entertaining for everybody else. Lurk and peep Chet’s original statement below.

Salman Agah — The 48 Blocks Interview
Yes, the block is still hot. Even in balmy Winter months. Switch innovator, Label Legend and all-around employee of the year Salman Agah gets interviewed on the site. Skate Book #2 has to be dropping in the next few months but in the meantiem you can catch up on Salman and enjoy Ballards vision at

And here’s your Fredneck halloween footage. B-house.
Birdhouse Skateboards – Halloween 2007 Demo Video on

Yep, no sign of JoeSkull.

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