Shmaturdat Part 2: Random Much?

So, we’ve established the fact that: yes, this week was busy. But, hey your gonna be busy. That doesn’t mean you can slack off! Personally, I’m waiting for the streets to dry up a little because I haven’t been skating all week. There is a very strong need to get out and roll around. You know what I’m talking about. OK, A few quick items for those of you who are stuck on the internets today…

About this time last week I wrote about the excitement surrounding Cardiel’s upcoming Epicly Later’d. I thought we were in store for 4-5 episodes but was taken aback when Episode 1 dropped with a 1 of 16 tag on it. Episode 2 is out as well. For those that don’t skate people like John Cardiel are hard to explain. This, well it’s pretty much documentary length, series of shorts should put more context behind the man than a written article ever could. here’s the one thing you can latch onto. Cardiel is the kind of skater who either makes a trick or doesn’t. I’m pretty sure his brain doesn’t tell him if he can’t make something. It’s as if doubt doesn’t exist in his world. To live and exist in the absolute is amazing.

Slaughter at the Opera
OK, this looks pretty f*ckin’ Awesome

A Day in the Life…
… of Billy Marks.
Lots of Sheckler jokes throughout and an appearance by Active Erica.

Skate Doc
Nichols and Charnoski have been working on their New York City Skate movie and making lots of headway. A trailer is up now for ‘Death Bowl to Downtown’. This will be an absolute must see. Huf has the best one liner “I don’t even think they had security gaurds then.”

Woven looks like it will be coming out soon enough. There are some solid one liners across the trailer. Stuff like this is always interesting because it gives you a 360 view from so many diffeent types of skaters: old, young, vert, street, arty… check it out.

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