Saturday Shmaturday: Natural Selection Update

Why am I up writing at 4 am? Because I care, that’s why. Yes, after a long week of dropping snow product from SIA I still need to churn away. call it sleep deprivation meets high anxiety. Yeah, that sounds about right. Little did I know there was so much else going on in the world. That’s right it appears rather than being stuck in a convention center or behind a keyboard some of the best got to go shred powder.

A few months back when i got the initial word about the Quiksilver Natural Selection Contest my mind was racing as to how it will be run. Now, we are about to find out. Apparently they are going to try and work through the waiting period and have the contest go off today: Saturday, 2/2/08. Video has been coming in from the event all week. Click here for the mid week update and then over here for the Casper Bowl inspection video. The brainchild of this event, Travis Rice, sat down for an audio interview. So to get the full skinny from Travis check out the audio interview.

The Natural Selection isn’t about the spin to win factor that dominated the X Games but it links up more so with a riders overall ability to get from point A to Point B with the most style. If you take a walk through the list of invited riders you see names that don’t ordinarily grace majors comps (OK, maybe Wiig) but instead spend season after season filming. I can’t remember the last contest I heard Brian Iguchi actually entering. But, all of that aside this is an opportunity for real snowboarding to be showcased in a contest format. However the Natural Selection turns out I hope the contest mentality will see some level of shift from the current highlight reel mentality to actual … snowboarding. Imagine that. Here’s to everybody making safe but stylish runs in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend.

All images credit: Scott Sullivan, Quiksilver

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