Vans 2009: Veil, Hi-Standard, BFB & Iron Maiden Jacket

More and more is flowing out of SIA for the 2009 Vans lineup. Lets make this a quicky. Because we don’t need to go into too much detail about how solid these boots are. if you don’t know that by now … I can’t help you. Moving from left to right.

Comin’ in all black with Fargo Focus is the Veil ridden by Erin Comstock, SLC ripper at large.

Next up in a smash and grab colorway is the Vans High Standard. This si the boot you’ll find on the feet of Hana Beaman and Jonas Michelot.

Last up, is the 2009 Best F**ing Boot. Hell yes.

Not stopping with the progression of style in their outerwear division … 2009 will see Vans drop the Iron Maiden jacket. Pictured here with a classic 80’s style back patch. Just like your older next door neighbor used to rock on his jean jacket while downing tall boys in the parking lot pre show style! Love the Maiden collab all day long. The latest graphic is based on the Trooper version of Eddy. You think when Maiden bassist Steve Harris wrote “the Trooper” song in ’83 he had any idea it would end up on highly technical piece of outerwear? Probably not. But, god damn were lucky it did.

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